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Your audience will be entertained and inspired by keynotes that strip away the anxiety and misconceptions surrounding “legacy.” Kevin’s down-to-earth style and motivating stories illustrate how anyone can go from success to significance regardless of their circumstances. They’ll learn how to reap the personal and business benefits that come from knowing how to get connected. All presentations are adjusted to best fit your audience’s level of experience and current circumstances.

Choose From the Following Main-Stage Presentations

  • Clarity Builder - Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

In this program Kevin helps participants refocus on their vision of the future and use the vision to create a clear action plan for the present.  This has the remarkable impact of creating a level of simplicity and confidence that makes it increasingly easier to reach bigger and bigger goals, both personally and professionally, while experiencing ever-greater levels of energy, enjoyment and satisfaction with life.

  • Team Clarity Builder - Differentiate to Increase Revenue

This presentation will develop an organizations entrepreneurial attitude and help attendees understand goals and how to make them happen by using their talents to multiply results.  It will help to show how to work best as a team and recognize how to leverage individuals strengths to be more productive and successful.

  • Building Bridges - How to Be  A Great Ancestor

This highly interactive presentation shows participants how to translate intrinsic reward into memorable behavior.   This session will entertain, inform and inspire you and everyone around you to become a Great Ancestors and it may be the only event where there is nothing to buy, and nowhere to write a cheque.  We encourage participants to take their hands off their wallet, relax and imagine the impact we can have on our future, our community and our world.

  • Enabling Dreams - Success to Significance

There is unprecedented, unbelievable opportunity, to make a positive impact on the lives of others and we believe in this opportunity enough to make it the overarching message in this motivational presentation.  We encourage you to look through the door way of ‘how can I use it’ because from tiny acorns do mighty oak trees grow. Things do not happen overnight, but these ideas, combined with energy, can make an unbelievable difference in the world around us.

Whether you want to increase your free time, expand your donor base, increase your revenue,  or elevate your profile in the community.  Kevin’s trademarked step-by-step formula gives you realistic, tangible action plans to accomplish your objectives.   

To create buzz, attract donors, generate loyalty and build your ultimate organization, book Kevin Cahill today!