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Ask a Luminary - Why Am I So Alone?

I spend a lot of my time writing and communicating.  Most of it spend on topics surrounding finance, economics, insurance and politics.  Earlier this year, the lessons learned from my father were published on under their Inspirational Luminary category.

Ever since, I have sporadically received questions from around the world looking for inspiration and guidance.  A question a last week titled, "Why am I so Alone?" came through my email and today I am the featured expert in's Ask a Luminary series!

This was originally published December 23rd, 2013 at  To view this online click HERE.

Ask a Luminary offers  the chance to ask a question and get an answer from an expert like me. It's the inspirational version of Dear Abby! From empowerment, love and relationships, to business and entrepreneurship, to health and spirituality, Ask a Luminary covers every topic.

If you are feeling alone this holiday season or know someone who is, you may find comfort in the post like Arun from India did.  The original inspirational post which was viewed by over 2.2 million people titled '8 Tips for Living a Fulfilled Life' can be found HERE or at


Why Am I So Alone? (via

“Why do I always feel lonely? Everyone underestimates me, but I am here for some purpose, I know…. But my silence keeps people from talking to me.” ~ Arun, Delhi, India Hello Arun, You are not alone. Loneliness is a universal human emotion, complex…